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Rental Process
There are basically two ways to pay - PayPal and Escrow.  Regardless of method, generally one-half is due at signing and the balance is due 30 days prior to scheduled arrival.  The difference between the two is that with escrow, your  payment is held until after your trip in case something was misrepresented to you.  The cost for using escrow is usually between $150-$250 and is usually borne by the renter.


It is amazing but with just email accounts you can make payments via PayPal.  There is a quirk in that if you label it a personal payment there is no fees but if it is for goods or services or you use a credit card, there is about a three percent charge (on $3,000 it totals about $100.00 with no additional value).  After we agree on price plus . . . we sign and exchange a rental contract.  At this point one-half of rent will be due.  I will then put the unit in your name and you will receive a confirmation directly from the Westin St John confirming dates, unit etc.  Thirty days prior to arrival, the balance is due.  Nothing else needs to be done.

I prefer using PayPal for cost reasons.  I would definitely use an escrow service if the resort was more of an unknown and ratings/reviews were iffy.  Remember, escrow doesn't protect you from weather, delays, illness, or general disappointment.  It only protects you if the rental was grossly misrepresented or you were denied use for some reason. 


The overall transaction is handled by the escrow service.  Both parties must complete documents (generally no different than those used for PayPal).  Upon signing, the renter must deposit 50% of the rent with the escrow service.  The remaining 50% is usually due 4-6 weeks prior to the check-in date.  The owner, upon signing and receipt of the initial 50% deposit, begins the process of re-assigning their week to the renter through the Westin Owners Group.

If there are no problems with the use of the rented timeshare, the owner will receive the rent from the escrow service approximately 30 days after the trip.  If there are problems (other than sunburn or too much of a good thing), the renter must inform the escrow agent of the problems within the 30 days and the mediation process is started.  I have always rented/owned Westin weeks and have not heard any horror stories involving rentals or escrow.

Most escrow companies work the same.  Cost is from $150 - $250 and is usually borne by the renter.  I have used  Timeshare Title a few times in past.