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St John Carnival

2015 Virgin Island Carnival Schedules (2016 in planning stages)

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St. John USVI Carnival
Carnival festivities take place on all of the islands of the Caribbean at different times of the year and each has its own schedule of events and unique approach to food, fun and fantasy. The Carnival on St. John is one of the most anticipated cultural and social events of the year. A longstanding tradition drawn from African and European celebrations from centuries ago, the USVI Carnival is a celebration of life, culture, emancipation and independence. Festive, ornate and highly celebratory, St. Johnís Carnival effervesces with shimmering costumes, calypso and reggae music, gorgeous pageantry, Caribbean food, tropical drinks, elaborate parades that draw thousands and talented entertainment troupes. A relatively smaller island in the Caribbean, St. John is normally not crowded, but people will flock from all the other islands in excited anticipation of the month-long party here.

The Carnival on St. John culminates with VI Emancipation Day on July 3rd. Then the Carnival begins on July 4th in Cruz Bay with thousands of people attending the Carnival Parade of music, dance, costumes and celebration. The Parade starts at 11 AM and can last several hours. Subsequent Carnival celebrations last throughout the month.

Watch for these favorite activities during Carnival:

  • Calypso Competition and Calypso Review: Calypso is the sound of the world and itís an important part of island culture. Through the years, Calypsonians have used their words to convey both positive and negative comments regarding social and political events. Performers in the Calypso Review include well known celebrities that really draw the crowds. Performers in the Calypso Competitions have a chance to display their talents and be discovered!
  • The Ms. St. John Pageant invites young women to display their feminine charms adorned in cultural wear, swimwear and eveningwear. The young women of St. John long to earn the crown and those who do are forever recognized in the history of Virgin Island culture.
  • Carnival Food Fair: Every island in the Caribbean has an amazing Food Fair during Carnival featuring island specialties. St. Johnís is located in Cruz Bay and is sure to include jonny cakes, shrimp, beef and salt fish pates, fried fish, lobster, kalaloo, mango and pineapple tarts. You will also find lively displays of arts and crafts!
  • Carnival Village: Every Carnival has a designated section in the heart of the island filled with booths offering locally made crafts, specialty foods, sweets and drinks plus music, dancing, rides for the children, appearances from well known Carnival personalities and political figures. The grand opening of the Village is a ceremony in itself. As crowds gather and the ribbon is cut, the Carnival Village welcomes the excited public.

The St. John Carnival is an event that is not to be missed if you are planning an island vacation in July. Be sure to book well in advance so you donít miss this highly anticipated and unique celebration! For more details on the Carnival and calendar of events, call the St. John tourist office at (340) 776-6450.



Carnival in St. John is a combination of celebrating the traditions of carnival with emancipation and independence. A month long event; festivities include musical venues, the village, food fair, parades and fireworks. St. John Carnival occurs in late June and traditionally culminates on July 4th with a 4th of July Carnival parade. Although St. John has a smaller population then it's sister islands it certainly comes to life for Carnival. More specifically Cruz Bay comes to life as all the events are centered in the Cruz Bay area. Ferries making trips between St. Thomas and St. John are usually filled as Carnival revelers head over for special events like the opening of the village and the parade.


Great Expectations

St John Festival and Carnival Season is a month of celebrations

The rich culture of the Caribbean is highlighted throughout the month

St John's Festival and Carnival season consists of celebrations which showcase the best of the caribbean culture. While each year has a different theme and somewhat different schedule, Carnival's month long activities always culminate on the 4th of July with a parade and evening fireworks. There are activities for all including the very young and very senior. Music is always a constant throughout the month. The mocko jumbie, a shape-changing ghost-like figure, whose origins are traced to West Africa is ever present during Carnival season. The lore is that jumbies traditionally appear in the dark of night and are known for terrifying those who have misbehaved. At carnival, the jumbie customarily appears on stilts dressed in elaborate pants and jacket made of colorful silks and satins and is one of the most popular part of Carnival.